Welcome to IREE Community Agency | Experts in Community Staffing
On Demand Support

Our staffing solutions align our clients with highly qualified talent that are ready to fulfill your organization’s needs.

Quality Talent

Have the peace of mind of hiring from a pool of experienced and thoroughly screened healthcare professionals.

Temporary Staffing

Use our service as long as you need. We are consistently filling our pipeline to attract candidates that meet your requirements.

Budget Friendly

We demonstrate our commitment to being your partners is that we keep our rates low to help you meet your tight financial budget.


Welcome to IREE Community Agency

IREE Community Agency is a Health and Social Care Services provider, We specialize in offering support and staffing Solution. IREE Community Agency operates a Nursing Agency, Community Support and a Homecare business.

With experienced recruiting and counselling staff, we are able to provide the healthcare industry in Canada with skilled, dedicated, and motivated professional medical personnel. Our services cater not only to residential and nursing homecare, but also to government and private hospitals, prisons, schools, private businesses, and other medical facilities.

Our Services

If you or a loved one could use our professional support, i might be time to get in touch.

We have a wide range of positions to fill, so whether you are looking for Live-in or Live-out, Full-time or Part-time,

we will work with you to find you a job based on your needs and availability.

Our specialized services include the supply of temporary and permanent:

  • Qualified Nurses – Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)
  • Personal Support Worker (PSW)
  • Disability Support Worker (DSW)
  • Housekeeper (Cleaners) Aide
  • Waitresses
  • Cooks
  • Chef
  • General Labourer – Factory Workers

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